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About us

Pep Sesat is a Communication Agency specialized in online media. What started as a small study of website development and social media management has increasingly become a stepping Agency with capacity to serve since the creation of small images for local businesses, to manage advertising campaigns that spreads over the whole national territory.

The business model is based on the collaborative system between professionals from different fields to cover all the needs of our customers. Not all projects require a designer or a programmer, so we work to offer our customers access to the different communicative activities with tight and affordable prices.

We are extremely focused on communicate to the public the message of our clients. In any field, as could be web, advertising or through social networks, we approach organizations to people.

The Team

Pep Sesat


David Rodríguez


Juanjo Molina


Lluís Salvadó

Web Master

María José Leal

Analyst & Testing


at home, of course 😉

We live in the cloud … this does not mean that we have eaten something “strange” and we have gone bad, but that our information, our data, and even our meetings are conducted through electronic means.

Small structures for large jobs. We have servers in London, California and Paris, so we could say we have international delegations, although it would be a bit presumptuous on our part 🙂 . We work with companies from Madrid, Canary Islands, Basque Country, Galicia, Barcelona … this is the internet, our services are contracted, the program is performed and delivered from the distance.


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